Are You Having Trouble of Sleeping? The Causes and Solutions to Finally Have a Restful Sleep

Having a sleeping problem is a total nightmare. Especially when you know there’ll be morning meeting for the next day that acquired your brain and physical to run smoothly. The quality and quantity of sleep could affect overall someone’s life quality and health. Having an improper sleeping schedule may lead you to a number of issues which is physically and mentally. 

Generally, human body need 8 hours a day to keep the body stay fit. According to Sleep Health Foundation, the report found that inadequate sleep is highly prevalent in Australia with an estimated 39.8% of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep. It’s equivalent to 4 of 10 Australians people – or about 7.4 million people. According to this report, other health conditions that may occur because of insomnia including heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. Therefore, you need to take action start by now because you don’t want to deal with bigger issues in the future. But to do so, you need to recognize the source of problem of your sleeping disorders in order to give the right treatment in having a restful sleep. 

What Are the Causes of Trouble Sleeping?

  • Insomnia

It’s when a person having issues to sleep in the normal time; where they stay awake during the people common time of sleeping. Thus affect their day time because they get lack of sleeping hours. It may occur because of stress, anxiety, depression and etc. 

  • Lifestyle

If you’re an active person who drink a lots of coffee, smoke cigarettes frequently and drink alcohol, you may face this kind of issues because it’s contain caffeine and nicotine. 

  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

It’s when you faced few of sensations and move when you’re trying to sleep such as itching, crawling or restlessness. This syndrome is strongly related to dopamine and iron levels in the brain. 

Thus are major causes of trouble sleeping, so now you can take these few treatments below to cope up with the sleeping issues.

  • Don’t consume caffeine late in the day. The fact that there’s higher percentage of coffee consumers in Australia because it able to enhance focus, energy or sport performance. However, you need at least to consume it only in the morning. 
  • Reduce naps hours. Long napping may negatively cause the sleeping problem at night. Meanwhile having short napping can enhance your brain function. 
  • Read a book instead of scrolling your social media. It’s not a surprising fact that social media pull you with their updated content. Turn off your phone at least 1 or 2 hours before. Reading a book helps you to explore the world full of imagination and develop your mind in one direction. 
  • Take a supplement. It’s the easiest option for you to fall asleep faster. This medical content also may help to improve your sleeping quality. In some countries, you might need a prescription but you can get supplements online Au, they have various options depends on your objective. Eventually, combined this with the natural sleeping strategies to help you sleeping peacefully. 

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