First Death from Corona Virus in Europe

Corona virus

French Health Minister said that an 80-year-old Chinese tourist has died in France because of Corona virus. At first, there were 12 confirmed Corona cases in Paris Hospital. Then it was found that four have been discharged from the hospital with negative result, seven still remain hospitalized to know their condition more and one has died. This man and his daughter who has the virus are from the Chinese province Hubei. But his daughter is still receiving treatment and has a high possibility to discharge soon. Both has been hospitalized at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris.

According to the data from World Health Organization, the total Corona virus cases in Europe are 44 cases. As a whole, the number of cases keeps increasing to more than 66.000 and also reported that about 1523 death cases. Most of the cases are found in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The confirmed cases are also found in the continental of Europe such as Britain, France and Germany. After World Health Organization announced that the virus could spread all around the world outside China, days later France announced that man’s death. The man is hospitalized on January 25 and the condition has worsened since that day and face critical condition for few days.

Germany already has 16 cases with the additional two cases in just days ago. British suspect nine patients, hospitalized them, but then only one is tested positive. The director general of WHO has announced that corona virus is labeled as very grave threat and should be consider as number one public enemy. Also, the British health authorities also declared the same statement that the corona virus is viewed as an imminent threat. Every people around the world should be more careful dealing with corona virus spread.

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