Glasses or Contact Lenses? Here’s the Breakdown

There are many misunderstandings about contact lens which makes people tend to avoid giving it a try. However, the fact is contact lenses actually really safe to be used as long as you give it proper care and pay attention about the hygiene. We want to share some benefits of using contact lenses below that you probably need to consider.

Contact Lenses Can Be Used for Active People

For the people who have abundant activities, contact lenses can be a great solution for eyewear. Although your head move many times or your nose’s sweaty, the contact lenses won’t be affected. You don’t need to worry about the glasses that falling out or breaking. 

Clearer Vision

It is common that fog, rain and hot condition may steam up and blurred your vision when you use glasses. The dust on the road or if you don’t wipe it carefully, it can also cause scratches on the glasses. When using contact lenses, you won’t be disturbed by the common problems like that as it fits perfectly on the curvature of the eye so it can give you an excellent focus, wider and clearer eyesight than glasses.

It Increase Your Creativity

Have you ever wished that you were born with blue or green eye color? With contact lenses, you can make your dream comes true! You can explore which color and style that fits with you – as many as you want. However, if you want to purchase contact lenses online, make sure you buy it in a safe online store as well.


Nowadays, you can find contact lenses according to your need such as for presbyopia, astigmatism, cylinder, etc. – so no matter how specific you eyewear instruction is, you don’t need to worry.

Although using contact lenses might sound scary for the beginner, giving them a try will be worthwhile as you will never know how it feels, before you try to wear them by yourself. 

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