How to Ensure Your Story Is Shared By Generations to Come

As parents, it is natural that you want your kids to know the history of your family. You want them to acknowledge the story of your childhood, how you meet your wife or husband, or even your kids’ childhood story. Having them aware of the family’s history will keep the story alive from generation to generation. But it is important to know how to make sure that the story can be shared through generations. In this article, we will let you know how to share it. 

First of all, you can simply tell the stories to your kids. Tell them the important milestone that you have made so far in life with details, like how you achieve it and why it is important to you. Such stories can inspire your kids to also make the same achievement or even being better than you. You can share your dreams that are being fulfilled to encourage them to never give up on chasing their dreams. Such story can certainly gain your kids’ attention, so they can remember it until they grow up and can share it with the next generation. 

Not only telling them by words, you can also make use of videos to share your stories to your kids. With visual display, it will be much easier to grow your kids’ interest in your stories from your past time. This can also help them visualize the condition of the life back then, in comparison to the life they live in today. Having video records from the past will also help you to keep the gold moments from the old time forever. If you miss those memories, you can simply replay the videos of your childhood and you can recall all the good times in a second.

Alternatively, you can also use the memory book to share your story to the next generation. If having a video records are quite difficult back then, because a video recorder were quite expensive, you can make use of your camera to capture those best moments in photographs. To convert it into a memory book, you should only need to gather all the best pictures and stick them in a photo album or a book. You can also add notes or description about where or when the picture was taken, what happen when the photo was taken, and so on. With this method, you can share your feelings during that day where the picture was taken, and your next generation can also feel the same emotion as they see the memory book. In order to create the best memory book, you need to have beautiful photos that are taken by a good quality camera. Camera is a tool that is affordable nowadays, because it is also available on a phone. So, it is more accessible than a video recorder. If you don’t have a camera or a phone with camera, you can also hire a local photographer like Sydney photographer to help you with capturing all your beautiful moments. Hiring a photographer will guarantee you the best photo results, because they have expertise in using the camera and the other tools and equipment like lighting and additional lenses. They usually have gained a lot of experiences in taking pictures of someone consciously and unconsciously, so it will result in the best portraits. If you still have hesitation about their results, you can check their portfolio first before hiring them. A professional photographer usually has a portfolio of his photo works. You can decide which photographer that meets your expectation the most based on the portfolio they provide.

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