Spice Up the Dull Rooms with These Ideas

Every room in our house represents the atmosphere of a house itself. If you have a dull room, the atmosphere will feel like gloomy and depressing. Meanwhile, if you have a bright room, it is associated as a positive energy. There are some ways that you can do to spice up your dull room.

Paint the Room White

The paint’s color of a house could determine whether your house has a bright and positive atmosphere or not. As dark colors might seem dull in appearance, choosing bright colors or even white will be a good choice to make a difference for your room. White paint could really help to make your room looks bigger, and it is usually suitable with any kinds of home decoration.

Put Vibrant Colors to Your Room

You don’t need to paint all along the wall with vibrant colors as you have the white paint as the base color. Adding colorful materials or decoration is more than enough to make your room alive. Choice of colors could reflect someone’s personality, and whether you realize it or not, colors of paint could influence our mood as well. Red might boost the level of your energy and attracts people. Yellow represents the joy of sunshine and happiness. Blue might lower blood pressure and give us relaxing and calm feeling. Green that mixed up from refreshing blue and cheerful yellow provides comfort and togetherness. Orange is usually identic with enthusiasm and excitement.

Add Bright Accessories

Decoration holds an important role to make your room seems bright. You can try to add vibrant colored pillows, sheer curtains, or colorful rugs depend on your budget, size of room, and furniture placement. If you still have no idea about what kind of accessories you can put, you can take a look in unique gift ideas as they have unique wall art collections, door mats, and any other accessories to brighten up every corner of your room.

Get Rid of Extra Walls

Making your room separated with extra walls is not a good idea as it makes your house looks like having a limited space. If those extra walls are not really necessary, it is better to break them down and install a window instead. By using windows, you let the sunlight shining through and it gives a natural lightning. It can help you to reduce the costs caused by too much lightning from bulbs as well. If it’s impossible for you to remove the extra walls, you can try to put unique frames on the bare walls with different sizes, colors and designs.

Keep Your Room Clutter-Free

Too much furniture can create a dark atmosphere. We recommend you to eliminate the big furniture to clear up spaces and minimize the shadows caused by them. Remove the unnecessary stuff as well, because a cluttered living room might be stressful. To keep your things organized and clutter-free, using baskets and colorful storage boxes will definitely be a great idea.

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