The Many Uses of Plastic You Should Know

A word of plastic is not unusual for us to be heard. Fact, plastic in recent times is important for our lives and we can deny it. Plastic really helps us in doing our activities. For example, we use plastic as storage for our groceries while shopping. We usually choose plastic because it is simple, it is more durable than other things with same utility, and the last but not least, plastic has more various form and colour which makes it more practical because plastic can be shaped in accordance with the main uses to facilitate consumers through the plastic extrusion process.

            Basically, plastic is an organic material. The raw materials to make plastics are cellulose, natural gas, salt, coal, and crude oil which each of them is coming as natural products. To be specific, plastic is a polymeric material that can be shaped through the process that involves heat process and pressure in accordance with types of plastic materials. For example, to make a bottle for beverages, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) will be a great choice and if you want to make something flexible and beautiful for your garden, you can use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for your option. 

            Almost for centuries, plastic has used to help us from basic household needs until the specific ones which need more specific measure on its production. Anyway, plastics have many functions for people’s daily life.

∙     Plastics and Packaging

Plastics have the ability to have a lightweight and to be moulded into various shapes. Rigid plastic will help us in keeping fragile items and securing it. Today, plastic is used for packaging food or even non-food. It helps food to stay longer and keep it fresh. Besides plastic helps to secure foods, plastic makes the consumer more convenient to see what the food looks like.

∙     Plastics and Transportation

Plastic is a light-weight material and durable and it makes plastic to be an ideal raw material to manufacturing motorcycle, bus, cars, and other transportations. Even though not all of the parts are made by plastic, the elements of plastic are still easy to be found on it. For example, Plastic has used to make a stirring wheel, door liners, and some stereo components. 

∙     Plastics and Energy Efficiency

Every household wants to have the most efficiency for its energy. Plastic sealants can seal up the window leaks. Clear plastic also helps us to improve the insulation at our home and decreases draft in the winter.

∙     Plastics in Sports

We cannot deny the benefit of plastic in sports. We can easily find plastic in sport attributes like in helmets, which are made of moulded polycarbonate with interior plastic foam to reduce head injuries and concussions. 

∙     Plastics and Medicine

Every medicine should be ensured to have a good hygiene before it is consumed by patients and plastic can really be helpful to keep it away from any contamination. Plastic syringes and tubing are disposable and it is reducing disease transmission. The health care worker will so much help because plastic helps them to get easily view on dosage and replacement needs on plastics intravenous blood, fluid, and medicine bag. Another example is moulded plastic hearing aids that help people with hearing a loss to fully participate in the conversation.

∙     Plastics in Electronics

Plastic’s strength, lightweight, and mouldability have revolutionized electronics. Plastic cables and cords on everything from computers to paper shredders keep electronics powered. Plastic insulation for cables and electrical equipment keeps equipment cool and protects users from over-heating. Household appliances, from toasters to DVD players, use plastic to make them lightweight and affordable.

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