Why You Shouldn’t Retile Your Shower When It Leaks

The situation when the water pipe at home is free from problems is directly proportional to the chance you have a supply of clean water for daily needs. Which homeowner doesn’t crave this? But unfortunately, the reality is not always that sweet. Water pipes are often a problem that scratches the head! When it threatens the presence of clean water at home and makes it difficult for you to take a shower or even just wash your hands. Your shower pipes are not like your computer, they’re not supposed to be out of date and barely working within a few years. Completely replacing the plumbing system isn’t something any homeowner wants to do, and if you treat yours right, you shouldn’t have to.

Splash leaks are simply water escaping past a shower curtain or a shower door. Plumbers tell us it’s the most common type of bathroom leak. Although it may sound minor, this leak causes major damage when water seeps into the subfloor where flooring meets the tub or shower. Before long the vinyl flooring or tiles begin to loosen. Even worse, the plywood subfloor delaminates and rots, requiring a huge, expensive tear out and replacement project. A leaking shower recess can lead to structural damage and expensive repairs. As soon as a leak is suspected, it should be investigated and repaired by leak detection Brisbane. Since the early 2000s, waterproofing of wet areas is accompanied by a guarantee provided by the accredited water proofer (in most states).

A leaking shower is a repair job for an expert. The first step, if the installation is still covered by a guarantee, is to call in the builder or water proofer. Otherwise, call a plumber to determine if there is a leak in the pipe-work or tapware. Call a builder or tiler to repair the grout, silicone joints, or other causes of the leaking water. If it is obvious that the problem is due to cracked, missing, or very soft grout and silicone; you may like to repair it yourself. When regrouting, use grout booster in place of water to make the grout more flexible. Don’t forget to use silicone in all internal corners and the bottom row of tiles in the shower recess. Always install fluid aprons around the taps and shower rose. Depending on the damage the water has caused in the shower, the best way to fix this sort of problem may be to retile the whole shower enclosure, making sure that the proper installation procedures are followed.

But you’ve to carefully to handle it by yourself. Do not let you who want to get profit even get a big loss due to this problem, for avoid the trouble comes big, you should consider your decision to buy a new property and start planning repairs with a plumber you trust. So how do you decide if you should repair or replace your fixtures? Consulting your plumber is usually the first step. Any professional plumber should be able to provide you with a well-informed suggestion.

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